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Boris on £350m Brexit bus: “F*** the NHS”

By   /  March 11, 2018  /  No Comments

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In a moment that, surprisingly, has not shocked anyone whatsoever, Boris Johnson has called the entire nation a “bunch of thick twats.”

credit: The Telegraph

In a recent press conference, Boris was asked how he came up with the idea for his red Brexit bus. Some ‘remoaners’ and ‘brexiteers’ are appalled with how misleading his message was, and he had a response for them.

“£350m on the NHS? Are you fucking thick?” he said.

“The NHS is fucked. I just needed the votes. I picked a side, and we won. What else would get me votes other than trying to save the one thing everyone in this shit country relies on, because the country is full of sick note dossers trying to sponge for a living. The only reason Corbyn wants to fund the NHS is because he needs it more than most, the fucking codger.” he added.

“So, obviously, telling everyone we’d spend £350m a week on the NHS was genius. I’m just amazed at how thick our nation really is. So naive. It’s fucking incredible actually. So much so, I’m actually beginning to question my own intelligence if this is the sort of shit I’m up against.”

Pressed again on the red bus, he said “that bus is now in a scrap heap where homeless men go and fuck each other.”

Brexit is still going ahead as planned, a Government spokesperson has said.



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