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Child deaths worthy price to pay, just in case! say Americans

By   /  March 14, 2018  /  No Comments

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Americans all over are telling us that they live in fear of their government turning on them, and that is why they want to keep their guns. The fact that innocent children are being gunned down left, right and centre is just a by-product of security which must be tolerated.

We asked one American who didn’t give his name; probably because he doesn’t know how to spell it, for an explanation.

“Well, one day if we gives up our guns, the government might try to oppress us. This can’t happen so we need to be able to protect ourselves”

We pushed that this was hugely unlikely to happen, and if it did he and his army of sister shaggers would be hugely outgunned and under prepared. Also that innocent children are being shot pretty regularly, and wondered if our toothless friend felt this was OK?

“Oh absolutely, they are dying for the cause. They are martyrs to our fight for freedom. Freedom for all. God Bless America!”

When we asked about the children’s freedom to go to school without fear of being shot, the man pointed a gun my face and told me to ‘take by freedom hatin yella belly out of his house’

It seems that for a group of people who defend the 2nd Amendment so strongly, they aren’t too keen on the 1st Amendment.

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