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Millennial Launches Kickstarter Campaign For Personal Support Because They “Cannot Be Bothered To Work”

By   /  September 9, 2018  /  No Comments

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Kickstarter, the website where you can raise funds for your project, has had a new pitch recently added. A young women, who is a part of the millennial generation, has launched a campaign to raise £1,750,000.00 to support their life, as they cannot be bothered to get a job and work for a living.

credit: Kickstarter

“I am not interested in working. Universal Basic Income should be here in a few years if we keep campaigning, but until then, I need people to support me, so I can live a life of luxury but not have to work for it.” the pitch says.

She has received a lot of support from those who are biased to the left and liberal views, however, as most of them are also relying on the state and benefits because they are anti-capitalists, they have not been able to donate any money.

Criticism has also been shared, with some stating “what a self-righteous bitch. This is why no one takes women seriously in the world.”

The campaign has so far managed to raise not even 1% of the target; only £10.73 has cleared and there is 4 days to go.

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