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Mother of 3, Who Swapped Children For Drugs For 4 Years, Wins Sole Custody As Judge Felt ‘Sorry For Her’

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A Mother of 3, who neglected her children for 4 years due to an abusive drug addiction, has spent the last 3 months battling in court for custody from the father. Today, she won that battle after breaking down in the court room, and the judge saying he ‘felt sorry for her’.

credit: Vox

The father has been there since the beginning, since the children were removed from their mother on 5 separate occasions by child services, and he has provided a solid upbringing so far for them.

In court, the mother said, “I was addicted. I mean, I still am a little bit and I’m doing a bit of meth here and there, maybe some heroin, but these are my babies. They need to be with me. I’m their mother! Their father has had them long enough and now it is my turn.”

In a ruling that shocked the room, the judge concluded that the mother gain full custody, effectively immediately, as he ‘felt sorry for her’.

“Just because she is a drug addict, doesn’t mean she should not be able to bring her children up.”

The father was visibly distraught, as were the children who didn’t want to leave with the mother. The judge added “It doesn’t matter who they want to be with. I’m telling them, by law, they have to live with their mother.”

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