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Trans-Racial? How About ‘Transgalactic’? Man Says He “Feels Like He Belongs On Venus”

By   /  September 7, 2018  /  No Comments

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There was a “Transracial” first only a year or so ago… and now we have a Transgalactic – someone who feels they belong on a different planet.

credit: Science ABC

Cortnee-lynne, a non-binary man from Burton-on-Trent, has come forward with the story that he feels he does not belong on earth. It all began when he one day woke up and said “I don’t feel like I belong here.” and that was it.

We asked him how Venus came to mind, he responded “Well, I just feel like it. One day, I just felt like I belonged on Venus. No other reason really. Venus is a very powerful planet. I feel I have a connection with it. It’s special, and only I can feel it. People call me crazy,  but I am really an alien.”

Venus’ surface, according to reports and scientific research, is roughly 450 degrees celsius and if you were to stand on the surface, you would be crushed immediately. We put this to Cortnee-Lynne for a response.

“No. Maybe for you. I am built for that planet and need to get back there. One day I will.”

A doctor ran a full medial on him to check whether he would be able to live there, “Absolutely no way. He’d last 1 second and be dead.”

“I still want to go.”, were his final words.

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