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Zombie Outbreak in Highgate ends quickly as even dead middle-class people have ridiculous allergies.

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A recent Zombie outbreak which some feared was the start of the end of the world, has ended abruptly as the Zombies died of a strange allergy to a protein found in human flesh.

The Hamilton-Smythe family of Highgate, north London caught a strange virus from bad batch of Waitrose Dairy and gluten fee organic quinoa. James (38), his wife Petunia (36) and kids Poppy (7) and Gulliver (5) came bursting out of their house looking like something from The Walking Dead. They all pounced on a nearby dog walker, ripping him limb from limb before they all collapsed to their (2nd) deaths

 Photo by Matt Cowan/Getty Images


Scientists examined the corpses and discovered that the Highgate Zombies had the strange allergy.

Professor Steve Daniels of Oxford University had this to say.

“Its incredible, we know middle class people have developed crazy allergies to things like gluten, wheat and lactose despite hundreds of years of these things being part of our staple diet. But when this virus turned them into Zombies, we expected them to just eat and bite people and spread an epidemic which could end the world, we are very lucky”

Waitrose are investigating the incident but refused to comment.

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